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Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii (LDAH) is a non-profit organization founded in 1968 by parents of children with disabilities.

We are the Parent Training & Information Center (PTI) for the state of Hawaii. It is our mission to enhance educational, work and life opportunities for children and youth with or at risk of disabilities by empowering them and their families through screening, identification, information, training and mentoring, and by public outreach and advocacy.

LDAH supports parents of children with any disability and the professionals who serve them throughout Hawaii in a variety of ways:

  • Information/Referral
  • Education and Training
  • Mentoring and Advocacy
  • School Readiness Project
  • Persons-In-Need Program (PIN) (small grant awards to benefit children with disabilities)






This “Excellence Award” was awarded to Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii (LDAH), Hawaii’s Parent Training & Information Center after an in-depth review of our services and nonprofit operations. It reflects that LDAH performs with excellence in its family-centered services and its nonprofit management. LDAH was among three Parent Centers to receive this national award in 2011.


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    QUESTION from a Parent:
    How do I go about getting a 504 plan implemented for my child in his school? He is currently having difficulties with testing in his classroom; when he goes over it at home on his own he can do it but when it comes to taking the test in the class he says he cannot think and just puts anything in as the answer. He also says he gets confused when he has to write a long answer so he just rewrites the question.

    Any guidance on this issue is greatly appreciated.

    ANSWER from the Advocacy Guru:
    Perhaps the way the 504 plan is written is not working for your son. This raises a lot of questions for me. First, when was the last time your 504 plan was reviewed? Second, is it still accurate and current? Third, is the information representing the support your son needs still relevant? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you need to take steps to request a 504 meeting. Have your Student Support Team review it with you and make the necessary changes. If the answers to these questions raise “red flags,” then talk to your son’s teacher. Maybe the implementation of these supports in the classroom is no longer working, not being implemented or needing revision. If so, act now so he will see how to advocate for himself.

    Remember 504 Plan Parent, he wants to learn. He just can’t do it the way it’s being delivered.

    Send your questions to the Advocacy Guru! Important NOTE: Your question may be published on this website or within the LDAH Newsletter. If you would rather it wasn't published, please type DO NOT PUBLISH in the Name Section of your contact. Mahalo.

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